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Professional ice skater, Mariyah Thurston, is currently on tour with Disney On Ice: Allow’s Celebrate! Thurston arrives to the Bay Area from Southern California, the Moreno Valley region to be precise. At the age of five years old Thurston obtained ice skating lessons as a birthday present from her grandmother. She’s been skating ever since. Thurston’s young, vivacious, and lovable spirit arrives through in her current job interview with San Jose Family members Enjoyment Examiner. She has an lovable and infectious giggle that makes others laugh right along with her. She was a delight to chat with!

Are you a parent living in the Detroit region, looking for the perfect event for your youngsters? Are you an grownup who enjoys the traditional tales of Cinderella and Snow White? Nicely, you’re in luck: the show you’re searching for will be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills beginning Wednesday, September 30th, 2009. For directions to the Palace, tips on Palace outings, and parking info, click right here.

Visit this ticket page and use code FFA3 to get $3 off your tickets! You can only purchase six tickets in 1 transaction. I obtained 6 totally free tickets to go Saturday and I’m excited. I haven’t told the kiddies however in case the weather is poor.

Just in time for revving up Halloween spirits, Ray of Light Theatre opens “The Rocky Horror Show” tonight (Friday, Oct. 17) at the Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St., San Francisco. The five-7 days run continues through Nov. fifteen.

Break out your tiaras and crowns! The new disney princesses and heroes On ice on ice display, Dare to Dream swooped into Atlanta’s Philips Arena this 7 days. This display, that includes Princess Tiana, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, is a should-see for region families. The crowds of preschoolers had been entralled with the songs, costumes, and the Disney characters and princesses.

The food choices are limitless with just about each restaurant, coffee store and quick meals cafe represented. You could truly more than consume utilizing this book. It is essential to maintain the guide in the vehicle for times you discover your self needing to stop for something that was not planned in advance.

“Jack and Jill” is a comedy starring Adam Sandler as Jack, who is getting ready for the yearly go to of his similar twin sister, Jill, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Jill arrives and unfortunately for Jack, she refuses to leave. The movie also stars Katie Holmes and Al Pacino and opens in theaters Friday, Nov.eleven. For a theater near you, go to the yahoo movie web site.

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