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How has Thailand coped so well with Covid-19?

#Thailand 🇹🇭 has managed to avoid the second waves of #Coronavirus so far. There are a few reasons that might have helped Thailand avoid the worst of this #pandemic.

🙏 “Wai”
This beautiful greeting has been embedded in Thai culture for centuries. It is to simply put both hands together in the middle of a chest. #Wai is to pay respect, to greet, to ask, to apologise and so many other occasions that it can be used for. This could possibly be at least partially responsible for the country’s low numbers or cases as people do not touch each other as often.

😷 “Facemasks”
Thailand adopted using #masks quickly, and it has now become trendy for masks fashion. Thai people learn to live with this pandemic so fast by making masks as a fashion accessory that can be worn when they are out and about.

🙅 “Enforced social distancing”
Thailand quickly ordered all #schools to close in the country to help stop the spread as they knew that children, especially small ones would have no idea to prevent themselves properly from getting or spreading the virus if they are affected. All entertainment venue such as movie theatres, bars and restaurants, shopping malls etc. were ordered to close temporarily to stop people get close and making physical contact.

[Inspired source: thethaiger]

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