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How it looks when you have arrived in Thailand

#Thailand is looking to pick up more tourists now the Thai Government Cabinet has approved a proposal of issuing long-stay visas for #foreigners visiting #Thailand: the Special Tourist Visa (STV)*.

*The Special Tourist Visa (STV)Please note that it depends on where you’re coming from, your purpose for visiting Thailand and your country’s Covid-19 travel restrictions, the situation is changing often. If you are overseas and wish to come to Thailand, your first port of call must be the Royal Thai Embassy in your country before you make any bookings.

As you can see, this is how Thailand handles passengers who have landed at the international #airport. All passengers must keep their distance, and all airport staff must be fully covered by protective clothing.

We mentioned before that THAILAND has been ranked the #safest destination in the world to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to strict rules, the number of COVID cases is very low, and there are so many well-known tourist destinations that are waiting to be discovered. Therefore, many people around the world are hoping to book their flights to visit Thailand during this difficult time.

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